New logo of the College of Engineering was turned into an installation

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New logo of the College of Engineering was turned into an installation


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The College of Engineering (CoE) of National Sun Yat-sen University unveiled the new installation representing its new logo. CoE Dean Chih-Peng Li said that the students and faculty of CoE chose the new logo by voting and asked the team of Assistant Professor Ching-Pin Tseng of the Department of Theater Arts to produce a 3D logo installation; the work was completed in two years. Dean Li hopes that this art installation will illustrate the spirit of the College, bring the faculty and students together, and strengthen their identification with the College of Engineering.

The brand new installation is located in the outdoor platform in between the Building of Environmental Engineering and the Building of Materials. Among the guests attending the unveiling ceremony were University President Ying-Yao Cheng, Vice President for International Affairs Chih-Wen Kuo, Vice President for General Affairs Yuan-Chung Lin, Dean of the College of Engineering Chih-Peng Li, Associate Deans Chi-Cheng Cheng and Ker-Chang Hsieh, Chairperson of the Department of Electrical Engineering Chih-Chiang Cheng, Chairperson of the Department of Materials and Optoelectronic Science Liu-Wen Chang, Assistant Professor Ching-Pin Tseng and other teachers, staff, and students.

In his opening remark, Dean Chih-Peng Li, mentioned that as soon as he assumed his present position three years ago, he was dedicated to promoting international education. Yet, soon he realized that the College’s name on the logo did not include its English translation, which was not consistent with the policy of internationalization. After consulting the heads of departments, it was decided to outsource the design of a new logo to a graphic design contractor and then choose one out of four designs by voting, engaging all the members of the College, including students, faculty, and staff. The winning logo, in shades of blue, resembles the Chinese character ‘工’ that stands for ‘engineering’, and creatively combines elements such as an integrated circuit board, solar panel, gear wheel, molecular structure, and telecommunications network, all around the image of the Earth, symbolizing the connection of the College of Engineering to the world.

Dean Li said that the new logo represents the spirit of the College and that the installation will be a great photography spot for fresh graduates and a beautiful memory of old times for older alumni. The CoE asked the team of Assistant Professor Ching-Pin Tseng to turn the two-dimensional logo into a 3D installation, which was completed within two years, weighing 860 kg. The installation is beautifully lit after sunset: it has lights projected on both sides and LED lights around the pedestal.

In his address, NSYSU President Ying-Yao Cheng said that the installation will be a common memory for all students on campus and that the new logo of the CoE combines several technology-related elements, conveying the high expectations of the team of Dean Li about the development of the College of Engineering. President Cheng expressed his hopes that the installation will evolve with time and imaginatively incorporate new features referring to the latest research results of the College, using such technologies as integrated circuits, virtual reality, and touch panels. President Cheng said that the CoE has attained exceptional research achievements in such fields as materials science, environmental engineering, photoelectricity, telecommunications, mechanical engineering, and computer science, and has been conducting numerous research projects despite the small scale of the University. President Cheng hopes that now, with the installation completed, this area of the campus will enjoy an even better development and create memories common for all the students.

Associate Professor Tseng said that the team had to take many issues into account when working on the installation, including its position, safety, practical realization, overall look, and color allocation. When discussing with the College of Engineering, he discovered that the CoE has many expectations about the installation, including establishing a sense of belonging among the faculty and students and bring them together. The whole process made him realize the importance the College of Engineering attaches to the nurturing of the humanistic values of the students.