Research Brief

Urine Testing Toilets: Collaborating with the Sanitarywaew Industry for Smart Toilets


Professor Che-Hsin Lin of the Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering spent five years with his team developing a novel liquid sensor. It takes merely one second for the sensor to gather data on the acidity, temperature, and ion concentration of urine, saliva, or sweat. The data, once available, is uploaded to the cloud, allowing users to monitor their or their family's physical conditions though a smartphone. This liquid testing technology developed by Professor Lin and his team can be applied to numerous areas, including elderly longterm care, quick medical screening, oral health, smart clothing that features physiological data collection, and water quality monitoring. According to Professor Lin and his team, '"the testing is both fast and effective, and the results can be immediately displayed on a smartphone." Professor Lin noted that by integrating the technology into smart-water meters, people will be able to monitor home water quality by phone, thereby securing drinking water safety. In addition, the technology is excellent for agricultural, aquacultural, and river environmental monitoring. As for saliva testing, it is useful for preventing tooth decay and periodontal disease and for other oral care purposes. 

Research Overview


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